SQL Server Data Editing Made Easy

SQL Server Data Editing Made Easy

OmniView is a powerful data viewing/editing utility for Microsoft SQL Server. Not just another visual query tool, OmniView is a feature-rich data manipulation tool which makes access to database content quick and simple for a wide range of user skill levels.
"OmniView can work with tables, views, and stored procedures. What can it do with them? Darned near anything."
» Mike Gunderloy
» Application Development Trends

Often there are a variety of people involved in any database project, with a variety of skill levels. Not only database administrators and developers, but also project managers, quality assurance teams, technical support staff, trainers...and sometimes even your own customers...may have need to directly examine and manipulate data within a database.

How Will OmniView Help You?

In a word...productivity. If you work with SQL Server databases, OmniView helps you accomplish tasks quicker, easier, and with fewer mistakes. OmniView helps you manipulate data more rapidly and more conveniently than is possible through native tools such as SQL Management Studio, Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer.

Not a SQL Server Expert?

OmniView is of even greater value to technical users who aren't necessarily expert database developers or administrators. These users often are not as productive with more technically-oriented tools. They need an intuitive interface which lets them rapidly and easily get in and out of data and then get on with their job.

OmniView helps them do exactly that.

What's Wrong With SQL Server's Own Tools?
"You have an awesome product...makes me so much more productive at keeping my data clean than Enterprise Manager ever would be capable of, that is for sure! You guys have developed something really valuable."
» David Misner

Not much...for what they were designed to do. SQL Management Studio's main purpose is to create and manipulate database objects, with some minor capabilities to work with the data itself. OmniView was never meant to perform any database object construction. But it blows away SQL Management Studio for working directly with data.

OmniView is designed to complement these tools in the areas where they are weak, not replace them. And it is particularly well-suited to help those users who need to work with SQL Server data but aren't necessarily SQL experts (hint to DBAs: buy OmniView for your users to take some of the support load off yourself).
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OmniView Quick Facts
Supported SQL Servers:
SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000, & 7.0;
including MSDE and Express editions
Operating Systems:
Windows 2008/2003/2000 & 7/Vista/XP/NT
Price (USD):
$49 Standard Edition
$59 Professional Edition